Tuesday, 11 May 2010

sunset through my window 2

sunset through my window

road to nowhere


photo photos

i need to work out how to put all these in one post...can that even be done? i dunno....
more sun and water relection photos.

sun and water

down in the park...

morph clinging on for dear life...

tokyo lanters

here is the finished piece! i wanted to give the look of lanterns floating  and i like how this has gone. hylton has quite a funky 70's vibe to him too which is why i did the inner circle pattern from yellow to brown in that way as its similar to the 70's colour scheme that is seen in many an episode of the good life! i'm pretty happy with it, so far the paintings i'm doing for my friends are just getting better as i seem to put alot more love into them then i do when i'm just doing them for myself!
more colour and glue...
second layer with me putting some colour to the pva mix and dripping it randomly and quickly over the canvas

hylton's painting! in 3 steps!

here is the first layer of hylton's painting. he said he wanted me to think about street lights in tokyo (i dont know why!) when i was painting it so i did and so gave the background a dark blue night sky colour with blue glitter on top to enhance this. here i mixed pva with artlic to make the lines going accross the top i did this by holding the wet brush and letting the pva drip accross the canvas quickly to give it the feeling of speediness.