Sunday, 28 March 2010

latest painting 2

here is my other newest piece-again for ellie. we both love kitsch weird stuff like this and this is an idea from a ring i have with a similar robot figure on it.

acrylic on canvas

latest painting 1

here's my one ofmy two most recent paintings. this was asked for my  friend ellie wanted just a simple geometric piece using her favourite colours.

acrylic on canvas

Friday, 26 March 2010

spent hours messing around with this blog today! i'm so slow! hopefully will start getting faster when i get more used to it!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Music is my....' CSS #2
house hold paint, pva and acrylic on canvas
acylic on canvas
'Moving' Suede
scratched acylic and pastel on canvas
'Colours Fly Away' The Teardrop Explodes
acylic and oil on canvas

'Untitled 2'
acyrlic on canvas
'I Am The Resurrection'The Stone Roses
acyric and water on canvas

acylic on canvas
'Drain The Blood' The Distillers
Oil and Acrylic on stretched canvas
'The Bomb' New Young Pony Club
Acrylic and house hold paint on canvas
'Slight Return' The Bluetones
Arcylic and house hold paint on canvas
'You disapear from view' Teardrop Explodes
acrylic on canvas
'Music is My....' CSS
'Purple Haze' Jimi Hendrix
Acrylic, oil and house hold paint on stetched canvas
'Are Friends Electric' Gary Numan
aryclic on canvas

a selection of paintings from my final exhibition at Solent University. Visual interpretations of music

This one's called Divebomb and is a visual interpretation of the songof the same title by the Whip

Friday, 19 March 2010

i need gold andsilver paint for hilton's painting...gonna start on the draftsfor it tonight me thinks!
abstract harlesden map, acrylic on paper with the white shapes actually being pieces i have chosen to cut out of the piece for effect
heres some really old paintings from my 2nd year at uni. i was creating abstract versions of maps from the area of london where i grew up called harlesden. the pieces show mainly the map sctions of above ridley road (my old road) near doyle gardens and Roundwood Park normally facing the left hand side of most of my pieces. i remeber alot of growing up in colours, like a certain road will bring back memories of orange due to rust over a garage door, or for the play areato be painted a red tone as i remeber being given a red toy truck there by another child when i was about 4 or 5. 

Thursday, 18 March 2010

London Photography


hello all,
here is my first blog, which i am going to be using to put up new paintings, drawings, scribbles or just random ideas or planning!
my paintings are of the abstract variety, using colour and geometric shapes to produce pieces which are primarily based on my own visual interpretations of either arcitecture or of pieces of music.
i will update this regularly with new ideas and more detailed information about my work.
thanks for looking!
Cherie Giordmaine :)